Friday, March 20, 2009

First Post 3/20/2009

I have just set up this blog and am learning how it all works, so if you see mistakes, bear with me. It just seemed appropriate to post my first entry on the First Day of Spring 2009. Spring in the desert southwest is such a beautiful time - with the blooming of all of the regular flowers you see everywhere, like daffodils, pansies, tulips and the like, but also the cactus. There is nothing more beauiful than a cactus in bloom.

The birds are all busy finding the perfect spot to build their nest, unfortunately, a couple of swallows want to build their nest in a spot above our front door. It might be the same ones who built a nest there last year (when we didn't own the house and it was vacant). Mike has done everything he can to thwart their efforts because not only are their housebuilding endeavors messy, you can imagine what it is like when they step outside their home to use the restroom. . .right on our front porch. Plus, last year the babies kept falling out of their nest and everytime we came to inspect the home (we spent over 4 months in negotiation with the bank), we had to put baby birds back in the nest (it was their home, not ours. . .yet).

My next blog will be more on topic, but I do need experiment with my new adventure


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