Thursday, September 30, 2010

EBay Does Not Enforce Their Written Policies - Sellers Beware

Please Note: LADishes, also known as, will no longer be selling on EBay. The bottom line is that we were scammed by a registered EBay buyer. There was a clear violation of EBay policy in the matter. EBay's response to us: "We have changed this policy and the policy online is incorrect - that is still, as of this moment, the "old" publicly published policy that is a legal matter of record and available for all to view. There is no publication of such a new policy. Still, EBay will not enforce their own currently published written policy to protect us in this matter. Therefore, we no longer wish to subject ourselves to the ability to be scammed, via our EBay account, auctions and/or store, even when the scammer commits a clear violation of EBay's own written and published policies. We Sincerely Thank you for your past patronage. Feel free to "Google Us" if you need to contact us about any past or other purchase or warranty -