Friday, May 29, 2009

New fiesta Colors

Here is something else I found of interest. This was published in Home Furnishing News on 5/11/09:


1. Scarlet
2. Sunflower
3. Ivory
4. Cobalt
5. Tangerine

Consumers like their Fiestaware bright and bold, as in Scarlet, the brand’s best-selling dinnerware color for several years straight. Ivory, which was only introduced last June, made it to number three in six months’ time, replacing Evergreen. Fiesta’s newest color is Lemongrass, and its newest shape is square (which will be available in eight colors

Thursday, May 14, 2009

HLC History

Something else I found that was of interest to me. An interesting historical perspective, but a little self-serving - typical of HLC.

Best known for the classic and timeless Fiesta®, The Homer Laughlin China Company manufactures china products in shapes, designs and patterns that continue to delight and satisfy customers. Visitors to The Homer Laughlin China Company and Retail Outlet can expect to find unsurpassed craftmanship, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and the timeless quality of enduring products.

The Homer Laughlin China Company owes its origin to a two kiln pottery on the banks of the Ohio River in East Liverpool, Ohio. Built in 1871 by Homer Laughlin and his brother Shakespeare, the Laughlin Brothers Pottery was one of the first whiteware plants in the country.

In 1897, Mr. Laughlin sold his interest in the pottery to William Edwin Wells and Louis I. Aaron. Since then, successive generations of the two families have continued to manage the company. In 1907, the headquarters and a new 30 kiln plant were built across the Ohio River in Newell, WV, the present manufacturing and headquarters location.

The turning point in the artistic focus of the company came in 1927 with the addition of noted ceramist Frederick Hurton Rhead. His design vision would culminate in the 1936 introduction of Fiesta®, Homer Laughlin's best selling line, and today one of the most collected china products in the world.

With the introduction of fully vitrified china in 1959, Homer Laughlin was able to participate in the restaurant/hotel markets. Homer Laughlin concentrated its efforts on the food service market and continued to add new shapes, patterns and decorating techniques throughout the 60's and 70's. The reintroduction of Fiesta® in 1986 as a high-fire, fully vitrified, lead free product redefined the standard for both food service and retail china products.

The Homer Laughlin China Company has produced an estimated 25,000 china patterns throughout its 133 year history. A heritage rich in American tradition and innovation has given Homer Laughlin China the fortitude to look to the next century with anticipation of meeting greater challenges