Wednesday, January 20, 2010

eBay Traffic Declines in December as Amazon Surges to Record Levels

Amazon experienced a 29% surge in unique visitors from September to December, according to data provided by Nielsen, while eBay experienced flat numbers for the last four months of the year. Amazon reached 66.472 million unique visitors in December, up 9% from November and up 8.8% from December 2008.

eBay is currently at 2005 levels in terms of unique visitors after peaking in 2006. As the following chart shows, eBay had topped out at 66.193 million unique visitors in December 2006 and hasn't broken the 60 million mark since August 2007. eBay had 51 million unique visitors to its site in December 2009, down 0.27% from November and down 11% from December 2008.

Maybe that is why EBay is asking sellers and buyers to answer surveys. They need to find out what is wrong. If they decide to listen, they will change and bring back the old EBay, when selling on it was FUN!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Year of Turquoise

According to the Pantone Color Institute. . .

This will be the year of turquoise. The blue-green hue is considered to evoke calm and compassion, but its warm and cool shades mix well with all skin tones.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says most
people respond positively to turquoise, and it has a universally flattering appeal
for men and women.

“We look at the psychology of the color,” Eiseman said. “This year specifically, we
were very certain that turquoise was a strong trend and narrowed it down to the
best, most representative color for both fashion and home.”

Andrews agreed, saying that a true turquoise or more subdued teal is a fresh
complement for spring. He suggests incorporating a teal handbag into a spring
wardrobe if you're shy about wearing bold colors.

“Most women don't have a teal handbag,” he said. “Teal works great with neutrals,
and it opens the door to play with color. The bag can be your accent.”



Monday, January 4, 2010

Fiesta Chartreuse Vase Traveling the United States. . . .

Have you heard of this????

There is a Fiesta® Chartreuse medium vase (which has been named by someone as "Charry" - I assume by someone at HLC) is traveling the United States visiting friends, landmarks, & favorite places. According to my source, Charry has travelled over 11,000 miles since it started its' travels last October. So far, it has travelled through Ohio, Virginia, South Dakota, Georgia, Michigan, Indiana, California & Washington.

Follow Charry on his travels across the United States and see where he will travel to next next. I hope he comes to visit me!

Charry's Journey

Friday, January 1, 2010

What's New!

When I saw how long it had been since I posted on my blog, I was surprises. Unfortunately, time just gets away from all of us and it has obviously happened to me.

Here are some tidbits I have encountered over the past several months that may be of interest:

Marigold Platter

The follow up piece for the 75th Anniversary collection is a 19.25 inch serving platter. This beautiful Marigold piece is a great complement to last year's three piece baking bowl set!
This year Fiesta introduces the second of three celebratory pieces leading up to the 75th anniversary of the brand in 2011...It's a 19.25 inch Serving Platter! This is in addition to last year's introduction, the 3 pc. Baking Bowl Set , three perfectly large nested shapes, are now available! You had better get them while they last because these pieces in the newly unveiled anniversary year color - Marigold - for a mere 75 weeks. So after September 1, 2009 the Marigold baking bowls will no longer be available. The Marigold serving platter will be officially retired on September 1, 2010. Order yours today!


Word on the street is the Evergreen is the color on the chopping block for 2010. There has been no official word of the new color (other than it will not be pink of any shade) or what color will retire, but many of the large retailers have already discontinued Evergreen, so time will only tell. Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, Evergreen just never hit the right spot. It seems like HLC is trying to recreate colors that were short run, limited edition colors, such as juniper, lilac and chartreuse, but have failed so far in their attempts. . .at least with evergreen and heather. Lemongrass does seem to be a hit so far.

Iced Tea Spoons & Hostess Sets

Some of the latest licensed accessory pieces to hit the chopping block, appear to be the iced tea spoons and hostess sets. I have it direct from HLC that the iced tea spoons have been officially discontinued. The hostess sets appear to be headed in that direction, at least in the solid colors, if the rumor I heard is true. Only time will tell. You can purchase both of these items from

I hope all of you have a Wonderful, Happy and Prosperous New Year!