Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fiesta and Harlequin Are My Purpose

Okay, I started this blog to focus on my dishing passion. I am certain I will throw in other topics from time to time, but I do want to try and channel my thoughts to Fiesta. I want this blog to share the knowledge I have gained over the years about my beloved dishes.

Remember, as you read my blog, the statements that are made are just my opinion and those opinions could be right or wrong. If I make any incorrect statements, let me know and I will post a correction.

One of the first thing I learned about Fiesta was that they discontinued items and colors and also retired items and colors. I didn't understand the difference. This is what I discovered:

Difference Between Retired and Discontinued.

We all hear about the various colors that are being retired or discontinued. For example, sapphire, lilac, juniper and chartreuse have been retired, whereas, apricot, yellow, pearl gray, sea mist, rose, periwinkle, persimmon and now heather have been discontinued. If you are to believe HLC, the difference is that the retired colors will never be produced again, they were limited exclusive runs, whereas the discontinued colors may, at HLC’s option be produced again at some point in the future, should they find that those colors are once again popular.

Discontinued colors are “discontinued” because their sales are low (they will pick the lowest sales percentage color for discontinuation). Make sure you understand the terminology because if you are a collector and stock up on a “discontinued” color thinking it will only increase in value, be very careful, because by the time that color actually has been discontinued long enough to become a collectible, HLC will probably begin producing it again and the value of that color will go down. Sellers are very free with their use of the terminology “retired”, when, in fact, the color has not been retired, it has merely been discontinued.

It appears to be a bit simpler as it relates to items that are discontinued (I have yet to hear of an items that has been retired). When a piece is not popular or is difficult to product, the product will be discontinued. I guess it is always possible that a piece might be made again, but chances are good that it will not. Goblets are good example. They were a very difficult product to make and to glaze and obtain a high quality product. . .too many in the seconds room or in the graveyard. They were a popular piece, but I doubt they will ever be made again.

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