Wednesday, January 20, 2010

eBay Traffic Declines in December as Amazon Surges to Record Levels

Amazon experienced a 29% surge in unique visitors from September to December, according to data provided by Nielsen, while eBay experienced flat numbers for the last four months of the year. Amazon reached 66.472 million unique visitors in December, up 9% from November and up 8.8% from December 2008.

eBay is currently at 2005 levels in terms of unique visitors after peaking in 2006. As the following chart shows, eBay had topped out at 66.193 million unique visitors in December 2006 and hasn't broken the 60 million mark since August 2007. eBay had 51 million unique visitors to its site in December 2009, down 0.27% from November and down 11% from December 2008.

Maybe that is why EBay is asking sellers and buyers to answer surveys. They need to find out what is wrong. If they decide to listen, they will change and bring back the old EBay, when selling on it was FUN!

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